Three fifths of the way

So, the above title is both how far I’ve written in the book, as well as how far into 2020 we are. Both, I feel, are an accomplishment given what’s going on.
An update on the timeline, it looks like a May first draft is a bit ambitious. Unless I suddenly have an inspired day or two and write ten thousand words in a day (unlikely but possible, I’ve done it before). I think it will be the second week of June that I finish. Not that much of a push, but still, I don’t like missing deadlines, so I’m being up front with you all.
As to the progress, the middle part of the book is completed, I’m now moving on to the “beginning of the end” as they say. Now’s where the real fun starts, where I actually start to think about how to write a space opera and how to talk about star ships and space battles, and astro-physics, and navigation, and all the little things that I get annoyed with in other space based books that they either gloss over because they are too hard, or just because they can’t figure out the “Physics” of it. I won’t do that, you may not agree with my interpretations, but you won’t be able to say I didn’t try.

Anyway, hope everyone out there is healthy and safe.