approaching the half-way point

So It’s now April fifth of 2020, and in the middle of all this Corona-virus craziness I’ve been able to put pen to paper quite often. So that’s one positive in this sea of negativity. Anyway, just crossed the 30,000 word mark in book two, tentatively called “Assailed”.
This book will dive deeper into the espionage aspect of my series. Showing you the personal side of a master operative and the drama they go through on mission. It will also show you the first taste of ships in space, some of the problems that I predict could happen in space, and the real danger of superpowers who can deliver chaos and destruction from on high. I expect to be done with the rough draft by mid-May, and then off to the editor by end of May. That’s if all goes to plan (there’s that dis-corporate chuckle again, damn it!).
I’m really trying to get the book published by mid-October. Hope you’re all doing well during this crisis.