In the midst of a Pandemic

Well, it’s now March 20th of 2020 and the Coronavirus panic is in full force in the US. While I’m not as worried about this virus as some, I understand the need to keep myself busy and out of the public for the most part, so here I sit, in my house, in my basement, where my computer and 3d printer are set up, staring at my screen, trying to write book two of the Chasing Light series (tentatively titled “Assailed”).

I’ll admit, it’s not easy to keep my mind on writing, but I’ve done a good bit of it this last month, and I expect to be finished by mid-May if all goes as planned. It is a bit of a change from the last book. It has more spy-craft with Katherine O’Shea as the protagonist, but you’ll still get plenty of James, a good bit of Galina, and a little bit of the rest of the crew as well.

A tiny spoiler coming (so stop reading here if you don’t want to know). you WILL see some space ships in this one. Not just something from “The Tank” but others as well, and maybe even a bit of action out there in the beyond. You’ll find out this fall, when I plan to have finished editing and publish the first draft of book 2!

Stay safe all! Stay healthy! Best wishes!